Too much plastic


Start a deposit scheme immediately on all recyclable plastic products from bottles to bale wrap. Legislate to ban all non-recyclable plastics immediately. Just because something cannot be ‘economically’ recycled does not mean it should be burnt or buried. We all need to pay the TRUE price of what we consume. Part of the cost must not be paid by our future or by others futures.

You set your bar below ground level when you start by comparing your performance by others already woeful performance. We all know what needs doing, please just get on and do it.

The thing is, you would get so little push back from the electorate, in fact if you nailed this issue you would look like heroes……… (the only push back you will get is from your funders, in the fossil fuel industry – INEOS etc….)

Stop relying on the free market to solve the problems of its lack of self-regulation/regulation has created…….. if you keep doing the same thing then the result will be the same.

You have had 12 years now to make a difference and the problem has got worse.  Please change direction.

Kind regards, Richard.

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