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Thirsk & Malton Green Party
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The local party receives a portion of the subscriptions of members living in the Thirsk and Malton constituency. On an every day basis, running costs are minimal. But when elections come round costs are higher.

The most expensive is a general election. To put up a candidate for parliament, we have to pay a £500 deposit. It is returned if we gain at least 5% of the total vote. Unfortunately, so far we have not reached this point, so the deposit is a cost.

In a general election, each candidate is provided with free distribution of one leaflet by Royal Mail. The party has to bear the expense of creating, printing and delivering the leaflets to Royal Mail depots. In the 2019 election, the cost was £560. We think this is worth doing, as it gets to every household. We can’t currently do that with volunteer deliveries.

For all elections, we usually print some locally designed leaflets. The design work has usually been done voluntarily, but we have to pay the printer. Costs can vary and, in local elections, obviously depend on how many candidates we can field.

The money received from members’ subscriptions is not enough to fund all the election expenses. So we depend on the kindness of members to make additional donations to cover the difference.

You can make a donation to the local party by transferring money to Thirsk & Malton Green Party, details shown above. To donate by card, please click on the PayPal button above.

The Green Party of England & Wales also always welcomes donations. The party does not have the kind of corporate donations the Conservatives receive, or the support of trade unions. If you would like to donate to the national party, please click on this link.