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Local Green Party

We exist to get Green Party policies put into action by campaigning and by getting people elected at all levels of government.  We also run meetings where you can discuss policies and get to know other like-minded people. We sincerely believe that you'll enjoy working with us for a better world. 

Thirsk & Malton Green Party was restarted in the autumn of 2014 and took part in the 2015 Parliamentary and District elections. In same year four Greens in our area were elected to town and parish councils. The party plans to field candidates for the North Yorkshire County Council election in May 2017, and the next District Council elections come up in 2019.

Developing Web Site

We are working on our web site. There's still quite a lot to do, but we decided to go live, warts and all. Contributions and constructive criticism welcome!

Green Drinks

Join like minded people for a drink and a chat on 5th of every month, 8 pm at the Blue Ball Inn, Newbiggin, Malton.  You don't have to be a member of the Green Party, or any other party. Anyone interested in discussing things with a green slant is welcome. You'll often find at least one Green Party member there.


The Thirsk & Malton constituency is largely covered in Government Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences (PEDLs) and together with Lancashire, we're first in line for the fracking industry's assault.

Green Party is the only national party to have consistently opposed fracking, with widespread agreement in the party, from top to bottom. In 2013, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas was arrested at a demonstration in Balcombe, Sussex. She was later cleared of all charges. Cuadrilla did not proceed with fracking in Balcombe.

A statement of Green Party Policy explains the reasons for opposing fracking in the UK. You can find it here. It has not changed for a few years, so some of the references are out of date, but the policy and the reasons are still valid. In Ryedale, action against fracking is spearheaded by Frack Free Ryedale.

"What's happening with Kirby Misperton?" is a common question we're asked in the street. Local Green Party activist Martin Brampton put his attitude to the camp like this: "Recently, I called at the Kirby Misperton camp, met a number of people and had some fascinating conversations. As I understand it, the camp is breaking no laws and is a valuable focus for protest against the damaging threat of fracking. I'm therefore in support of it".

Watch our News page for information on current events.

NHS & Social Care

The local Green Party is engaged with local activities to defend the NHS and social care. We held a public meeting in collaboration with Health Watch North Yorkshire recently in Malton.


The Green Party believes that one of the best investments a society can make is in the education of citizens. Right now government plans are projecting reductions of nearly £400 per pupil per year for secondary schools in our area. Primary school cuts are projected to be nearly as large. Those are vicious cuts, and come at the same time as money is being wasted on so-called Free Schools, mostly in the south of England. Government interference and red tape is undermining school performance and destroying teacher morale. In the tertiary sector, universities are being damaged and students subjected to outrageous debts. Green Party policies are directed at building an education system that works for everyone and develops the talents of our young people.


Rural areas such as the Thirsk & Malton constituency suffer from the problem of rising prices making houses unaffordable for local young families. At the same time, increasing numbers of people are in private rented accommodation, suffering steep rent rises and sometimes very poor standards of maintenance. The Green Party advocates a better deal for renters, and fundamental change to the housing market. Talk of "affordable" housing is a poor sticking plaster. The real problem is that bank lending tends to bid up asset prices, making all housing too expensive. This happens at the expense of lending for productive investment. Green Party banking policies would change this.




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