Online Meetings

Most meetings are currently online using the Go To Meeting conferencing system. You can join a meeting at using a browser on a PC or laptop, or using the free Go To Meeting app on a smartphone or tablet (with these it is easiest to use the code shown below).

Information on Go To Meeting downloads is available. The PC based service prefers the use of the Chrome (or Chromium) or Microsoft Edge browser. For advice on how to use “Go To Meeting” please visit this link, or run a test session.

If you are unable to use any of those options, then you can join in using any ordinary telephone by calling 0330 221 0088. When asked for an ID, key in the code 424-317-133 (not the hyphens, they are just to make the number more readable) followed by #. You will then be connected to the meeting.

If you need advice on joining an online meeting, please call Martin Brampton on 01653 696210.

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